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The Far West LHD Media Unit is responsible for all media inquiries and interviews with Far West LHD staff members. The Unit regularly advises on major public health issues and disease outbreaks, through media releases, media conferences and, sometimes, special telephone hotlines.

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The Media Officer for Far West LHD is Branko Licul on 0411 119 592 or email branko.licul@health.nsw.gov.au

The Media Unit is the primary point of contact for news organisations. All media enquiries must come through the Media Unit in the first instance. This includes:

  • Requests for interviews
  • Photo requests of staff, patients or our facilities
  • General enquiries about health issues
  • Any condition updates on patients who have been injured in an accident or are otherwise of interest to the media

Please do not call our hospitals directly as they are not allowed to provide this information.

Staff are not permitted to speak to journalists or representatives of media organisations without the knowledge or permission of the Media Officer.

An On-Call Media Officer is available after normal business hours to assist media with urgent enquiries. This is organised on a roster basis and the correct person to contact is available via a voicemail message on 0411 119 592.





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06 June 2022

Coffee Brewing Strong At Hospital Kiosk Thanks To Contribution Fund

Visitors and staff at the Broken Hill Health Service can still get their coffee fix at the Kiosk thanks to a generous donation by the Broken Hill Contribution Fund.

A brand new coffee machine valued at $9,789.89 and paid for by the Contribution Fund was recently installed in the Kiosk.

Kiosk volunteers are very happy with its ease of use and extra functions.

“It’s very easy to use and has a number of automatic features we didn’t have before,” said Kiosk volunteer and spokesperson, Cheryl Meuret.

“It was sorely needed, as our previous machine was well past it’s used by date. All the volunteers are very happy with it,” she said.

“We are very thankful to the Contribution Fund for the donation to buy the machine and it has been very well received by all our customers.”

She also expressed a big thanks to BH Supplied for donating the freight cost to transport the new machine here.

John Bacich, BH Contribution Fund President, said the Fund was pleased to continue to make donations to the health service and especially the Kiosk.

“We’re very happy to help out the Kiosk and the hospital, which in turn continues our support for the wider community,” he said.

“The BH Contribution Fund was originally established for the community and we’ve made a number of donations in the past. We’re very glad that we can continue to do this,” he said.

The Kiosk Auxiliary and Broken Hill Health Service is greatly appreciative of the BH Contribution Fund for its generous donation and its assistance over the years in purchasing equipment for the hospital.

The Kiosk Auxiliary is always looking for volunteers and anyone interested can contact  Kiosk Auxiliary President, Betty Sammut on 0400 183 146.