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Aboriginal Health

The definition of health which most serves the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today is that which was devised by the National Aboriginal and Islander Health Organisation:

“Health does not just mean the physical well being of the individual but refers to the social, emotional and cultural well being of the whole community”

Key priorities for NSW Health and the Far West Local Health Network are to: Improve access to health services; Address identified health issues; Improve social and emotional well being; Increase the effectiveness of health promotion and create an environment supportive of good health.

Supportive strategies that have been identified to assist this process are: Effective partnerships and cultural awareness; Improve Commonwealth and State coordination; Support the development of the Aboriginal workforce; Effective monitoring of progress against performance indicators; Improved data collection and informed decision making supported by a needs based resource allocation.

“Working in partnership with others to provide culturally appropriate, and quality health care to the Aboriginal communities within our Local Health Network and ensuring that Aboriginal health becomes everyone’s business”

The Far West Local Health District has launched its Aboriginal Health Framework which outlines the principles on how the LHD will work and engage with Aboriginal people to deliver culturally responsive services and improve their health outcomes in the Far West.


CLICK HERE for the FWLHD Aboriginal Health Framework 2021