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What is the HealthOne project?

In 2015 election the NSW Government committed $100 million to the Primary and Integrated Care Strategy to develop 20 HealthOne sites.

In late 2017, the NSW Government announced HealthOne developments for Far West LHD at:

  • Buronga/Dareton


  • a HealthOne site refurbishment and enhancement at Tibooburra. 

The HealthOne NSW model is an integrated approach to primary and community health that brings together General Practitioners with community health and other health professionals in multidisciplinary teams in a flexible manner.

HealthOne aims to create a stronger and more efficient primary health care system by bringing Commonwealth-funded general practice and state-funded primary and community health care services together. The HealthOne model will improve the patient experience by providing improved case management of patients outside of the hospital system.

The key features of HealthOne NSW services that distinguish them from other primary and community health services are:

  • Integrated care provided by general practice and community health services
  • Organised multidisciplinary team care
  • Care across a spectrum from prevention to continuing care
  • Client and community involvement
  • Together these core components make up the HealthOne NSW Model of Care.
  • A significant portion of the $100 million investment will be for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and software which will enable and future proof connectivity between health services.
  • The HealthOne model will deliver significant benefits for our community and staff, enhancing sustainability of health service delivery in regional, rural and metropolitan communities.
  • The integration of primary and community services will enable collaborative relationships and improve coordinated care in the right place at the right time to meet population growth and the changing needs of the community.

Buronga HealthOne

Construction has started on the new Buronga HealthOne facility. Servicing Buronga, Dareton, Gol Gol, Wentworth, Euston and Balralnald, the new facility is funded by the NSW Government’s $100 million Statewide HealthOne Program.

Construction company Barpa have mobilised their team and progressed with site preparation works and excavation. Construction is expected to continue through to mid-2022.

Watch a time lapse video of construction (as at March 2022 - courtesy of Barpa):

The new integrated facility will provide services to the wider community and will greatly improve health outcomes in vulnerable communities, particularly in regional and remote areas.
The facility will work alongside other healthcare facilities such as district hospitals, regional health services and Aboriginal health partners, to deliver the best services possible. The HealthOne facility offers a range of community based health services, with a focus on providing integrated primary and allied health services.
The project has come about following a landmark agreement between the NSW Government and the Barkandji communities to deliver a new integrated HealthOne facility in the Murray River town of Buronga. The opportunity to develop the health facility on this site has been made possible with thanks to the Barkandji Nations. This unique approach to the land transaction which will see Native Title preserved, has allowed the development of a purpose built health facility for the local region; one that will deliver positive health outcomes for the local communities, and mean an ongoing working relationship between all involved.

The new facility for Buronga will complement existing facilities within the Wentworth and Balranald LGAs. The four sites of Dareton, Wentworth, Balranald and the new facility in Buronga will be a network of integrated health services, known as the Southern Cluster. The network will consist of a new hub health centre at Buronga with outreach services at Dareton; Wentworth and Balranald. The services will be networked to ensure delivery of all health programs to provide single and multidisciplinary consultations to individuals and families; outreach to other centres and access for visiting services (for example specialists). There will also be opportunity for better integration with General Practice (GP) and Allied Health services with enhanced clinic space.

Artist's rendition of the new Buronga HealthOne facility

Tibooburra HealthOne

The Tibooburra HealthOne project is completed. The project resulted in the refurbishing of the current facility to provide more clinically appropriate consult and interview spaces. The existing range of services provided at Tibooburra Health Service including the Royal Flying Doctor Service clinics will be maintained.  The enhanced contemporary facility will allow opportunities for multidisciplinary care for complex and chronic patients; the ability for students, junior nurses and doctors (e.g. GP registrars) to provide clinics in partnership with senior clinicians and enhanced allied health services. The refurbishment will provide opportunity to introduce new services and enhanced models of care to meet the needs of the community.

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