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Broken Hill Sub-Acute Beds Program

Welcome to the web pages for the Broken Hill Sub-Acute Beds Program.

The development of the Sub-Acute Program has provided the local community with high quality health services.  

Project Background

The projects were funded by NSW Health and the Commonwealth Government under the COAG (Council of Australian Governments) Sub-Acute Beds Program. The budget allocated for the Mental Health Unit was $6.6 million and the budget allocated for the Rehabilitation Unit was $6.8 million.

Far West Mental Health Recovery Centre (Sub-Acute Beds program)

The Mental Health Recovery Centre is a 10 bed unit designed to help people recover from conditions that affect their mental health. This unit is not declared under the NSW Mental Health Act, so cannot accept involuntary inpatients.

The Recovery Centre is operated by Neami National, a Community Managed Organisation (CMO), in partnership with the Far West MHDA Service. Staff work with guests of the unit to encourage self sufficiency and community participation.

The Recovery Centre is part of the continuum of integrated mental health drug and alcohol services in the Far West, the unit will work closely with the acute mental health unit, community mental health and drug and alcohol services, supported accommodation providers and other key partners.

The service will provide early intervention for consumers who are becoming unwell in the community (step up) and for those in the early stages of recovery from an acute episode in the inpatient unit (step down) to strengthen and consolidate gains from the inpatient setting.

The unit will offer a unique setting for consumers to start their recovery journey and resume their role in the community by providing coordinated, recovery orientated treatment and support.

Through working in partnerships clinical mental health services and non-government organisation, the service will enable consumers with a mental illness to receive both clinical intervention and treatment and active support for their recovery in a safe and supportive setting. The unit’s setting encourages links to consumers’ natural supports and their participation in community life.

The Recovery Centre includes:

  • 10 separate bedrooms with ensuites
  • Activities of Daily Living Kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Consulting and meeting rooms
  • Activity room
  • Living / dining areas
  • Community gardens.



BH Rehabilitation Unit (Sub-Acute Beds program)

The new 10-bed sub-acute rehabilitation facility provides rehabilitation and recovery services in a purpose built rehabilitation environment. It specifically focuses on rehabilitating the patient to enable them to return home.

The Rehabilitation Unit includes:

  • 10 separate bedrooms with ensuite including 2 bedrooms providing facilities for  bariatric patient capability
  • Living / dining areas
  • Gymnasium
  • Activities of Daily Living Kitchen and laundry facilities to ensure practice of essential living skills before returning home
  • Outdoor spaces and gardens to allow for a broad range of therapy and recovery activities
  • Consulting and meeting rooms.

The aim is to provide patients recovering from major surgery, strokes and similar conditions with an appropriate environment to redevelop skills and mobility necessary for independent living in the community.

General sub-acute rehabilitation services provide expert multi-disciplinary interventions aiming to restore functions for things like:

  • Stroke
  • Brain dysfunction
  • Neurological conditions
  • Limb amputation
  • Arthritis
  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Pulmonary conditions, and other impairments and conditions affecting function and independence.

The unit operates under a patient centred, goal orientated model where a co-ordinated multidisciplinary team of medical, allied health and nursing staff will provide case management that will improve outcomes for patients.




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