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HealtheNet and My Health Record

HealtheNet provides NSW Health clinicians with immediate access to up-to-date, aggregated summary information about a patient's recent health history from across all Local Health Districts (LHDs) and access to the My Health Record.

My Health Record Expansion

By the end of 2018, every Australian will have a My Health Record unless they choose not to have one. There will be a three month opt out period from 16 July – 15 October 2018 when individuals can inform the Government if they’d like to opt out of the My Health Record system. By mid-November, all Australians who didn’t opt-out will be issued a record.

Contact information and support:

My Health Record

For more information or to opt out of a My Health Record please go to:

Videos on Opt-Out Messaging

HealtheNet Consumer (Opt-out)

HealtheNet Clinician (Opt-out)


Consumer Resources

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Assisted Registration Guide for Consumers First Access
Factsheet - Parents and Guardians
Factsheet - Advanced Care
Factsheet - Newborns
Where to find my health info
Providers Jurisdictional POSTER
Cyberprivacy tips
My Health Record - All you need to know Factsheet
My Health Record Screenshow
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