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Far West Local Health District

Welcome to the Far West Local Health District website.

The Far West Local Health District was established on 1 January 2011, and what was initially our Governing Council was established as a Board in April 2011.

The Board’s vision is to achieve “Excellence in Rural and Remote Health”, which encompasses not only providing high quality clinical services, but also working with our communities to enable people to be as healthy as possible.

The Far West LHD serves a population of about 30,740 (2016 Estimated Residential Population) people dispersed across the second largest geographic area (194,949 square kilometres) of all the LHDs in NSW. Over 12% of the people we serve are Aboriginal.  This population is relatively young and reflects the lower life expectancy of Aboriginal people. Of the total LHD population, 91.1 per cent are from an English speaking background.

We share a commitment to work closely to ensure our LHD delivers consistently high quality patient care. Local leadership and decision-making drives us to develop sound governance and strategic directions for the LHD, supported by enhanced local input from clinicians and engagement with consumers and communities. This provides a solid base for ongoing development whilst meeting the needs of our communities.

The LHD has nine facilities Map of our LHD and key facilities

We hope people will become increasingly comfortable using our services and working with our teams to maintain and improve their health.  A part of this is expecting everyone who works with us to:

  • be respectful;
  • provide information to our customers about their health and the care that is, or needs to be provided; and
  • to actively pursue improvements in the services we provide.

This website is here to provide information about us, the services we provide, what we are doing to improve what we do and to make it easy to let us know what your think of the working we are doing.  You’ll also find our monthly newsletter Far West In Focus which gives an insight into what is happening within the District.

The Board and Chief Executive welcome your comments and suggestions. Please get in touch with us.

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Our Structure 

Table summarising the key functions of our LHD

Local decision-making is at the forefront of how the LHD functions, led by a professional Board and LHD Chief Executive.

The Far West Local Health District Board is chaired by Dr Andrew Refshauge and 5 Board Members who bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the management of our LHD:

  • Dr Andrew Refshauge (Chair)
  • Mr John Harris
  • Mr Stephen O'Halloran
  • Ms Mariette Curcuruto
  • Mr Wincen Cuy
  • Ms Michelle Dickson
  • Dr Lilon Bandler
  • Mr Paul Kemp

The Board and Chief Executive are responsible for:

  • Improving local patient outcomes and responding to issues that arise throughout our Local Health District.
  • Monitoring the performance of our Local Health District against performance measures in the LHD Service Agreement.
  • Delivering services and performance standards within an agreed budget, based on annual strategic and operating plans. This forms the basis of our Local Health District Service Agreement.
  • Ensuring services are provided efficiently and accountably. Production of Annual Reports that are subject to State financial accountability and audit frameworks.
  • Maintaining effective communication with local and State public health stakeholders.

The Corporate Governance Statements can be accessed here


Our Vision

Click her for our Strategic Plan Vision - Excellence in Rural and Remote Health

Far West LHD Electorates Map


Far West LHD Service Agreement 2018-2019

CLICK HERE for the Far West LHD Service Agreement 2018-2019 Document

Far West LHD 2018/19 Budget Allocation

The following information is provided in respect to the budget and activity requirements for the District for the financial year 2018/19. The budget represents the initial allocation and may be subject to change as the year progresses.

Far West LHD 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Broken Hill and Corporate 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Balranald 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Wilcannia 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Dareton 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Wentworth 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Ivanhoe 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Menindee 2018/19 Budget Allocation
Tibooburra 2018/19 Budget Allocation
White Cliffs 2018/19 Budget Allocation

2018/19 KPI Data Supplementary Summary
2028/19 Service Agreement - Schedule C Budget Notes


People Matter Employee Survey 2018

The People Matter Employee Survey 2018 allowed the Public Service Commission (PSC) to capture employees' perceptions of how well they thought the public sector values are applied across the sector as well as their engagement in their workplace.

Engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation; they are motivated and able to give their best to help the organisation succeed. Far West has an engagement index of 69%, among the top seven in NSW Health

The results for Far West LHD can be accessed by clicking on the link AGENCY REPORT FOR FAR WEST LHD

Results for the whole of the public sector have been published on the Public Service Commission website and can be ACCESSED HERE.

2016 Lead Level Report

The 2016 Lead Level Report has been released by Far West LHD. CLICK HERE for a copy of the report.

FWLHD Board Annual Public Meeting - 18 December 2017

The Annual Public Meeting of the Far West Local Health District for 2016-17 was held on Monday, 18 December 2017. The meeting included a presentation by the Board Chair and Chief Executive including presentation of the audited financial report 2016/17 for the District and launch of the Year In Review. Click here to view the Annual Public Meeting Year In Review 2016-17 Report.


The Annual Public Meeting of the Far West Local Health District for 2015-16 was held on Monday, 12 December 2016. Click here to view the Annual Public Meeting Year In Review Report. 


NSW Health Annual Report 2017-18

The NSW Health Annual Report 2017-18 has been tabled in the NSW Parliament. CLICK HERE to acces the report.

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2016-17

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2015-16

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2014-15

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2013-14

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2012-13

Click here to view the NSW Health Annual Report 2011-12

Click here to view the 2012/13 Budget Allocation by Hospital for the Far West Local Health District